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Who we are

Sol Vé is a unique and custom designing and  planning company based in Calgary, Alberta .

Specializing in weddings, events and rentals,  planning and styling, we love nothing more but than creating beautiful and personable designs for every one of our projects. 

We believe in equality, respect and love - welcoming everyone with open arms. 

We believe in supporting and creating long-lasting relationships with local women empowered businesses by working with one another to create outstanding designs and creations for our clientele.

At Sol Vé, we choose to be mindful of the community environment by using as much eco-friendly items as we possibly can to make your visions come to life.

We choose to work closely with our clients by taking basics and turning it into something personable and inclusive. 

Your event is our priority. From the creation of concept, invitations, decorations, flowers, food and performers, we help you build your event from the ground up. 

We think outside of the box, carrying your theme through small objects and details using unique decor with visionary artistry.

We strive for 100% client satisfaction.

We like to travel and love to have fun, making each journey an adventure.

What we do

Our custom designs, creations, rentals and complimentary vendors ensure you have the unique event you want and deserve. From weddings, corporate event functions, to anniversary parties, we assist you in the event that is defined by you.

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Meet Lynea Vaugeois

Owner & Creative Designer

Hi there! My name is Lynea Vaugeois and I am the owner and creative designer behind Sol Vé Custom Events. 

I was born and raised in the beautiful city of Prince George, British Columbia. 

At the age of 13, I joined the modelling industry and quickly found a life-time love and passion for design. Although modelling had its perks, I was always more drawn to the creative aspect of photoshoots through behind the scenes production and styling.

Soon after I decided to leave the modelling industry, I committed my time to volunteering in event planning and designing - through community events and non-profit organizations.

After years of experience, I decided to become a business owner/entrepreneur and created Sol Vé Custom Events. 

Coming from a Norwegian-Irish and Spanish background, family and culture has always played a huge part in my life - with over 200 family members, I have always been surrounded by loved ones, food and music. 

I love go on adventures and have travelled to over 10 countries. I like to think that this has helped me connect with my clients on a more personable level by getting involved and learning about new cultures - through foods, music, language and faiths. 

Growing up, I had the heart and soul desire to become a mother, which is why I made the amazing, life-changing decision to become a foster parent with my late husband in 1997. 

I am a mother to two beautiful biological children, Kory and Katrina, as well as to my two loving adopted sons, Shaun and Jesse,  and  a mom to hundreds of children who've impacted my life for the better throughout the last 22 years.

In 1992, I married my best friend, Shaun Vaugeois, We shared a beautiful, yet short-lived 26 years of marriage - when Shaun lost his courageous battle with cancer in November of 2017.

After taking nearly a year off of work to care-for my late husband,  grieve, and provide for my family, I am now ready to invest my all back into my business - in hopes to create new journeys and adventure through the rebirth of Sol Vé Custom Events.


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